Friends, today we had the supreme honour of chatting with the creator, animator, director, brother and Dad of Bluey – the one and only Joe Brumm! 

In an extended episode we cover all the questions you want to know and probably even some you never thought to ask. From Joes early drawings, musing on what makes the show work, social responsibility and the nervous first ever screening. But also, Super Cats, GermanDs, octopus and poop jokes. Hear the joy in our voices as we confirm some of our crazy theories, have others refuted and invent a few along the way. 

Finally, we round out with some not-so-fast lightning round questions where among the many nuggets of gold are Joes new ring tone, Indiana Jones, Tacos and Transformers. (I’m not embellishing here, all those things happen!) 

Huge thanks to Joe for this amazingly good time! 
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