Bum Worms! (Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound)

If it’s good enough for ABCtv, its good enough for us! Bum Worms for everyone! Speaking of good, Marty is in town again – Hooray! But what’s the one downside of being in the same room? Another cracking episode of Bluey but what is it’s one big flaw? Powerpoints are back folks, but with a twist! In this meta episode, we ask the big questions: Who is the director? Who is the best actor? Who took the final shot? Can Wendy fly a drone? Who is the Muffin in your life? In honor of those purple pants, take a look inside the mad-cat brain of Brendan as he spills on his editing tricks. LongDogs, Bathrobes and a Squeeky Hammer await!